Krista Grochowski

Black Mesa Golf Shop Manager


Black Mesa Golf Shop Manager

I began golfing in the 90’s mostly for business purposes and then to spend some time with my Dad.  I fell in love with the game despite the frustrations associated with learning it.  My golf game continued along that path with small improvements until 2022 when I decide to leave the corporate world for semi-retirement.  I had already fallen in love with Black Mesa and asked Laurie if she was hiring at the course.  She was, and now here I am.

Since starting to work in the Pro Shop, I began to take my game, the skills associated with golf and the knowledge needed to run a successful course much more seriously.  I am now a USGTF Certified Professional Golf Manager and USGTF Associate Member Teaching Professional.

I hope to use my love and knowledge of the game to make everyone’s golfing experience at Black Mesa Golf Club memorable.